How Can We Simplify Your Workload

The automotive industry is not just concerned with finding new and creative ways to efficiently transport people from one place to another; it is also trying to develop better ways to keep motorists safe as they travel. Thus, every automobile produced comes equipped with a plethora of safety features to ensure the wellbeing of its passengers should it get involved in an accident. With motorists’ lives on the line, car manufacturers cannot take any second chances and should consider testing their systems to certify their performance.

Quality Inspection & Gage is an industry leader in the manufacturing of high quality air bag deployment fixtures, as well as inspection gages. From our Columbia, IN location, we help car manufacturers and other automotive accessories developers test their air bags without putting a strain on their production costs. We are fully equipped to design, produce, and test air bag fixtures from the ground up, and we can coordinate closely with the specifications of our clients to fulfill their simulation requirements. We are passionate about helping our clients meet protection standards while improving the efficiency of their safety trials.

For our testing support services, we offer fast and complimentary product quotes on the fixtures we provide. Our team of experienced sales staff and engineers are incredibly helpful, and will accommodate our clients with whatever they need to get their trials on. Additionally, our design services are top-notch, and our manufacturing arm is willing to create (or recreate) the parts needed for your simulations.

Testing Air Bag Deployment for Less

Testing air bags for their performance can be extremely tedious for car manufacturers, and very costly as well. This is especially true if the tests call for simulated collisions; many replacements parts are needed for every trial staged. Rather than pay for newer parts to be tested and destroyed, manufacturers can instead come to Quality Inspection & Gage for their component needs. Our air bag deployment fixtures are more economical alternatives for testing purposes, saving manufacturers up to 20% of their usual testing costs if they opt for our products. Through our service, manufacturers can continue to use our parts for testing, saving their own parts for them to sell.

Quality Inspection & Gage is located at 225 S. Towerver View Dr., Columbia City, IN 46725. For more information on our products and services, you may call (260) 244-3591 or visit our contact us page and submit your request.